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Ethereal Aesthetics

At Ethereal Aesthetics, we believe every single person has a unique and natural beauty, and we strive to enhance that gift. We welcome all skin types and ethnicities and have products to help with any skincare issues.

Founded by Jennifer Perry to serve those who are looking to have an educated healthcare professional provide personalized aesthetic services.

Perhaps you are just looking to put your best face forward or have a special event coming up. Maybe you want a refreshed and youthful appearance or to reduce the signs of aging. Together, we can collaborate on a skin care plan to meet whatever goals you have. Aging is inevitable, but we can delay looking older by diminishing wrinkles and improving the skin’s texture and firmness.

Jennifer Perry | Ethereal Aesthetics
Jennifer Perry | Ethereal Aesthetics


Jennifer Perry received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Nursing and Anesthesiology at the prestigious Medical College of Georgia. She has been a Certified Advanced Practice Nurse specializing in Anesthesiology for the last 12 years and critical care nursing since 2003. Patient safety and wellness have been her primary focus in every community she has served.

It was a natural transition into the practice of aesthetics, and helping people has always been her passion. Jennifer is very interested in helping you achieve all your aesthetic goals. She knows that we all have things we would like to change or improve to help us look and feel our very best.

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